Amo Region vs Band-e-Amir Region Predictions Preview Who Will Win 02 Sep 2015

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Amo Region vs Band-e-Amir Region Predictions Preview Who Will Win 02 Sep 2015

Amo Region vs Band-e-Amir Region Predictions Preview Who Will Win 02 Sep 2015

Afghanistan Alokozay Regional 4-Day Tournament: Amo Region vs Band-e-Amir Region at Khost Cricket Ground

Cricket is a popular game in Afghanistan since its inception from 19th Century during Afghan wars with British troops. The game is known to be played since 1839. Unlike many countries, there is legacy of a cricket team in Afghanistan since the time it has been played but now eventually it becoming a known side in International matches after performing well in last year World Cup in Australia. Cricket is popular sporting event and played with lot of enthusiasm in Afghanistan. The country has a lot many domenstic teams and a well prepared International side as well. Afghanistan people made a Cricket Federation in the year 1995 and continued to play the sports till 2000. It got recognized as an ICC member in the year 2000. National cricket team of Afghanistan was able to earn international status after they were able to beat Namibia side with 21 runs in the year 2009 and also able to qualify for ICC Under 19 world cup in the year 2012. Since the formation of international side, cricket is considered to be one of the major sports in Afghanistan which is quickly becoming very popular in last five years. Even the cricket team in Afghanistan is also making progress in both international and national levels as well. It is no.1 sports in Afghanistan and even domestic tournament is also played in Afghanistan. Afghanistan Alokozay Regional 4-Day Tournament is played with lot of enthusiasm and energy between young sides which are also having good coaches from around the world. The federation of cricket is also taking important steps in order to create a good awareness and capture the talent of Afghanistan as well.


Both the teams have good young players and fast bowlers who can bowl at a quick pace. One thing which the team needs to improve is batting abilities and technique. Even the fast bowlers are learning good pace and swing.

Amo Region Team

Javed Ahmadi (c), Abdul Haleem, Dawlat Zadran, Farhan Zakhil, Hedayatullah, Janat Gul, Juma Gul, Khaibar Omar, Mohammad Nabi, Murad Ali (wk), Noorullah, Sharafuddin Ashraf, Sultan Zadran, Tahir Khan, Usman Ghani

Band-e-Amir Region Cricket Team

Noor-ul-Haq (c), Altaf Khan, Amanullah Rafiqi, Amir Hamza, Darwish Rasooli, Hashmatullah Shaidi, Imran Janat, Inamullah Khan, Mohabat Momand, Mohammad Shahzad, Naseeb Dawlatzai (wk), Sayed Quraishi, Sayed Shirzad, Shakirullah, Yousuf Zazai

Live Streaming info

The matches are played with lot of enthusiasm and energy. There is no doubt that his match will attract a lot of viewers as well. The match is scheduled to be played on Wed Sep 2 – Sat Sep 5 09:30 local (05:00 GMT | 10:30 IST). It would be exciting to see how these two sides counter attack each other. One thing about 4 day matches is that you will be able to test all three departments of the game in four days. Most of the matches don’t end in a draw as the teams are able to conclude it in 4 day duration. No matter what would be the result of this match, you can be sure that both the teams will be looking to win this match at all cost. It would be a test of batting and bowling department. The match is expected to host huge number of viewers, both on and off the field. You can stay updated with the last scores, match highlights, statistics by using online streaming. This is the ideal way to stay connected and support your favouraite side as well. So remember to check the match updates either from TV sets or online on 3rd September when two strong teams will be taking on each other in Afghanistan Alokozay Regional 4 day tournament.

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