An Indian cricket viewer is surely missing out on this

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An Indian cricket viewer is surely missing out on this

An Indian cricket viewer is surely missing out on this

As Australian team plundered over the English with 337/1 on day 1, many people chose not to tune in as they had enough of cricket. But for those who tuned in, it was a treat for viewers. Instead of presenting the usual pre match broadcast, which included the usual pitch report, the viewers were presented with some experts discussing over the future of test matches over the period of next ten years.   A debate between Michael holding, Shane Warne, Michael Itherton and Ian Botham took place over this issue of test match’s future in the next ten year and the freewheeling debate was a treat for all the viewers.  Surrounded by number of spectators, it was nothing but a very informal setting where stellar experts banked upon the grasses and freely discussed the topic.

Holding and Warne mentioned as to how the number of over in a one day play can be increased that will eventually benefit the spinners but it will surely be disadvantage to all the fast bowlers.

Mikey put forth the issue that was brought to light by the Ricky Ponting regarding the scraping off of the tossing system. The decision of which team would bat or bowl fist would rest in the hands of the visiting captain.  This will eventually improve and benefit the state of wickets and the home advantage would be neutralised to a large extent as well.

Atherton mentioned how his thirteen year old was more interested in watching the t-2o series over the test matches.  This is how the sports broadcast should actually be.  When all the independent voices clamour together and there is a free-spirited healthy discussion, there is nothing better than that. For many who don’t prefer watching the test matches, such kind of debates rekindle their interest in the upcoming matches and they tend to listen wilfully and analyse the situations.

But as far as the Indian broadcasters are concerned, it is still a distant dream to expect such kind of sport broadcasting.  This is not solely because of the reason that they are not capable but the fact remains that the perspective of the commentators and relevant people carries a lot of conflict and that would raise unnecessary trifle issues. The powerful board also has an immense influence and pressure over the relevant authorities and they would rather prefer the usual way than adopt some new measures that would land them in distress.

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