Argentinian on his way out of Old Trafford, or is he?

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Argentinian on his way out of Old Trafford, or is he?

Latest transfer news and rumours

This might be the busiest transfer window for Manchester United in many years. Not only are new players brought in, but hoards of players have been shipped out. Following the suit, it seems that the Argentinian winger, Angel Di Maria, is also on his way out of the billion dollar club.

There has always been interest in Di Maria from Paris Saint Germain, however the interest now seems to have picked up when the club announced that they are interested in the United winger. Di Maria, however, earlier had commented on this link up saying that he is not looking for a move. He was quoted saying as

“Do I want to leave? No, because I’m not thinking like that. In Madrid there were times when I was whistled around the stadium but faced it and then it turned around. I like to deal with things.”

But he also mentioned about being disappointed at not starting the games. He expressed his disappointment saying

“Has it been tough? Yes. For me, and my family. Because not everything goes as I want, because I don’t play. Because, I came with an intention and end up on the bench. It’s hard to tell how I feel there. I started well, with goals and assists. I was having a good time, until I was out. It’s a little hard to explain why I do not play.”

But with recent reports picking up the pace, it seems that the move might be near. With United do not wanting the star player to move, might need the player to put in a transfer request if he wants the move. But there has not been one. But with so much of smoke, it is hard to believe that there is no fire. With United valuing the player at £52m, would be selling their marquee signing of last year for a loss of £7-8m. However, PSG has not yet agreed to meet that valuation and is trying to get a deal done at around £45m.

The media was abuzz yesterday of a deal being only hours away of being finalised but Bein has reported few hours back that the talks have broken down as PSG could not come to terms with United’s demands. Di Maria is supposed to join the squad on25th of this month. If the player joins the team for one last time or for rest of the season, is what remains to be seen.

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