Ashes is the only place that can keep Test cricket invigorated

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Ashes is the only place that can keep Test cricket invigorated

Ashes is the only place that can keep Test cricket invigorated

Cricket lovers would love to wake up to a good day of cricket, however slowly and silently the heritage of cricket is ripping apart because of politics and illegal activities. Test cricket might lose its importance in the coming days because of a lot of factors. The younger generation is more towards T 20 matches and one day cricket. With Ashes cricket in full momentum, Ashes is trying its best to keep cricket alive and happening.

England and Australia is playing a great cricket test series that is being well liked by cricket lovers. The crowded fields and the cheer of the crowds help to increase energy in the youth as well. Cricket is no doubt one of the favorite sports that have been well loved ad played as well.Though test matches are in great demand, the younger generation finds it hard to relate with the test matches. One days and T 20 leagues are well liked by the contemporary crowd. Former New Zealand all rounder Chris Harris emphasized on this fact when he spoke about Ashes and the interest that he grounds generate even today.

“One-day cricket happens over a day and produces results. Plus there are other competitions with the IPL going on where you get very good crowds. There is so much cricket going on in India, not as many people go up to Test matches because of that, whereas in the past there was not as much cricket. So people wanted to go to Test matches to watch live cricket,” Harris said.

One days cricket gives he results on the same day which is why so many people are inclined to One days. Test cricket matches between Australia, England and South Africa is probably one of the most interesting games that people would love to watch. It is aggressive and exciting. Some people tend to miss out on these matches because they are more inclined towards one day. Many well known cricketers have played in Ashes and they are in all praises for the grounds. One days cricket matches are not very well liked by most players as they are doubtful about the light in the dark. They feel that test cricket is the best for a good game of cricket.

Will Ashes be able to preserve the lively form of cricket? Time will say that.

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