Australia’s most popular sport cricket with 1.2 million players

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Australia's most popular sport cricket with 1.2 million players

It has been some months since Australia has won the world cup, and soon after this a census was released on Tuesday according to which 1.2 million players participated in cricket last year. The team has won the world cup for the fifth time, and it has been ranked number one in ICC ODI table, however they rank second in the tests.

The research was conducted by an independent researcher Street Ryan who also undertakes research of different sports like Rugby league and Australian Rugby football. Further to this he has confirmed that participation in cricket has increased by 9% in comparison to the research which was conducted in the year 2014.

Female, schools and juniors has witnessed the highest rate of growth in participation. The growth of female participation has increased by 18% because of which number of participants has increased to 290,566. Australia cricket has also achieved new levels in terms of multicultural participation. CEO of Australian cricket, James Sutherland commented cricket is a sport by choice and people nowadays are getting more attracted to the sport. Resultantly the sport is developing and improving with every passing day.

James Sutherland said, “Among other things, cricket plays an important role in helping men, women and children from all different backgrounds to lead healthy, active lifestyles.”

“Numbers indicate growth in traditional club cricket participation numbers. This is particularly pleasing given it has been an area of focus and is regarded as a strong indicator of successful entry level programs producing sustainable participation.”

“We are incredibly grateful for the work of cricket’s 50,000 plus volunteers who contribute millions of hours each year to meet the day-to-day challenges of supporting and growing our participant base.”

Cricket is very useful in keeping men, women and children healthy and active in their lifestyles. It is quite pleasing to learn the successful entry of people within the game. It has been grateful to see that over 50,000 volunteers each year contribute quite a lot of time in the game. They strive hard to meet day to day challenges and thus increase the participant base of the game. Cricket being the favorite sport of Australia, it is quite amazing to see increase in diversity within the sport. Female participants consist of almost one fourth of the whole participants, and this is something we are proud of and we desire to see increase in numbers and achieve multi-cultural diversity.

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