Bahawalpur Region vs Dera Murad Jamali Region Predictions Preview Who Will Win 02 Sep 2015

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Bahawalpur Region vs Dera Murad Jamali Region Predictions Preview Who Will Win 02 Sep 2015

Bahawalpur Region vs Dera Murad Jamali Region Predictions Preview Who Will Win 02 Sep 2015

Bahawalpur Region v Dera Murad Jamali Region at Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium

There was an era when England was known as the only cricket playing nations in the entire world. In fact, they were the ones who started this game. With time, most of the major nations started playing cricket. Countries like Pakistan, India, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa are considered to be some of the major cricket playing countries. In almost every cricketing nation, you will hear about small scale matches being played amongst cricket clubs or states. These games are not just limited to seniors. Juniors, such as under-19 and under-16 are also seen playing the game quite seriously. Based on the overall performances of these juniors, national level selectors choose appropriate players to represent their countries. These players are chosen on various factors such as batting, bowling and fielding.

Haier T20 Cup is one of such small scale tournaments played in Pakistan. 8 teams participate in this tournament and is scheduled to start this September on the 1st. the tournament is scheduled to end on the 5th of September. The winning team of both the semifinals will make it to the main round, which is scheduled to start on the 8th of September. One of the upcoming matches will be played between Bahawalpur Region and Dera Murad Jamali Region. All the games are scheduled to be played in the Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium.

Bahawalpur Region

Bahawalpur Region team, better known as Bahawalpur Stags, is one of the professional cricket team to participate in the Haier T20 cricket tournament. A number of talented players are in the team to compete against Dera Murad Jamali Region, such as Kamran Hussain, Usman Tariq, and Ataullah. Under the captainship of Bilal Khilji, the team is said to provide some entertainment against their forthcoming matches in this series. Whether it is in the sections of batting or bowling, the team is said to pack quite a punch.

Dera Murad Jamali Region

This team is better known as Dera Murad Jamali Ibexes. The Dera Murad team is also scheduled to play in this year’s Haier T20 cricket tournament. The team is well packed with various talents and is said to be capable enough to answer any questions placed by opponents in the cricket field. The team is having good combination of young fast bowlers and some good batsman as well.

The coverages of every match will be available on the ESPN website. All the cricket lovers, who will not be able to watch the matches live from the cricket field can get updates from this website. It is needless to say that players who shine in this tournament will get noticed by the national selectors of Pakistan. This may well be their start to stardom in the world of cricket. Fans of both the teams will be eagerly awaiting the match. However, it is just a matter of time before the final winner is declared. Cricket is a highly unpredictable game. What may seem probable one moment may change on its head in the next moment.

Both the teams have prepared well for this series. Although both these teams have failed to taste success in this series in the past, they will surely give their best shot to win as many matches as possible. Their respective coaches are quite confident about their teams and hope that their boys will shine in every match they play. It is just a matter of one game. Whichever team wins will find their morale boosted to an all new level. There will be no looking back for the winner. One win is enough to lift up the spirits, since they have to play others, which are more successful teams in this series till date.

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