BCCI concerned about state of cricket pitches

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BCCI concerned about state of cricket pitches

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Indian pitches have always been a cause of concern for the Indian Cricket Board (BCCI). Especially when compared with the pitches around the world for playing international cricket. It becomes more disturbing now that the Indian team has a couple of International tournaments lined up at the same time when we have domestic cricket tournaments coming up as well.

Local teams always have an edge over the game as they know the pitches well and use them for their advantage during the game. The state authorities have to be extra careful to maintain the pitches as per the set guidelines to suit the seamers first before the ball starts taking the deviations. The pitch should have just sufficient grass and bounce. Pitches that are significant for International Cricket should always be prevented from tampering by the state teams. As per the officials, Delhi and Chennai which are among the major pitches for the upcoming series with South Africa and the World T20 series are major causes of concern.

BCCI guidelines clearly state that any ground hosting an International match should remain closed for almost a month for the preparations. So just like the players, pitches should get proper intervals between the matches. With the problems related to the field, BCCI has now made a schedule that sticks to these guidelines. Every center will now get a fortnight to prepare the pitch for an international match. Only after a couple of years of setting the guidelines, BCCI has finally been able to formulate the iternary for domestic and international series.

“This guideline has been there for some years now. But it’s good to see that the board has finally managed to chalk out the itinerary adhering to the guideline. Most centres now have more than 15 days time to prepare pitches for international matches. From now, they have enough time to pick the strip they want to play the international match on. A majority of domestic games can be played on other strips,” said the source.

Most domestic matches have been shifted to other pitches. During the off-season, the pitches to be prepared for International matches will be renovated. The state managers have been advised to use modern fertilizers to fix the fields. A fresh proposal is in the talks over adding young managers to the pitch committee. This will prepare the young blood to take important positions and responsibilities when the seniors retire. This process has already begun in Delhi and Chennai which are important in International cricket scenario.

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