Ben Strokes all set for the Summer Ashes

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Ben Strokes all set for the Summer Ashes

Ben Strokes all set for the Summer Ashes

Recently Ben Strokes commented that he is ready for whatever Australia has in store for him this summer. This time the target seems to be the well-known England all-rounder Strokes, who is already growing quite well in their short international career, especially after the Cardiff.

It was amazing to see response of 24 year old man on this when he said that he is not going to fear from them and sit back but is all ready to get himself into strong confrontation with the opponents. It is also expected that some disputes might occur on the field and it is the right time come forth and settle them.

It is not that disputes will be done intentionally but if something like this happens, and someone approaches with an argument, then the man commented that he won’t shy away to get into the argument and get away with the dispute. It is quite obvious, that none of the player wants to be a looser in the battle and wants to put forth his best foot. It is good to take a step back and explain the opponents that they cannot get on top of the team.

Stroke is not having a lot good memories in the Ashes, especially with the 5-0 whitewash down 18 months ago. However Strokes, has decided to learn from it all and build up more confidence which can bring in good game from the team. The experience of Ashes has bought the players in a good frame of mind owing to which the team has come out stronger and firm.

The day won’t be far when cricket will be played as a test cricket and strike rate at the rate of 60 or 70 would be played. Team has a young middle order that is all capable of putting forth some good shots which can be used for wining and keeping a good position within the game. The team has good confidence of playing good games no matter what kind of situation it is which is one of the reasons one can rely highly on the team and we are quite positive about it all this summer.

It is not important for every team to keep hitting four and sixes in the game; however it is important to keep stable and keep going in the game. Different teams might have different playing approach, but England will maintain the same strong playing approach and is expected to do wonders this summer.

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