Can Ireland beat the blacks in 2015 Rugby World cup

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Can Ireland beat the blacks in 2015 Rugby World cup

Can Ireland beat the blacks in 2015 Rugby World cup

It was 110 years back, when New Zealand and Irish rugby teams came against each other in Dublin, and since then All Blacks have not been beaten by Ireland. New Zealand is the only nation which has not been defeated by Ireland yet. In 2015, Rugby World Cup will begin in England and Wales, hence it is expected that Ireland will have to face all the blacks in the quarter finals or the final itself.

It is quite interesting to predict something which has not happened earlier and statisticians and engineers are expecting this result this time.  As per the historical data, Ireland has 35% chances of winning game against the teams of Southern Hemisphere, while the chances of winning of New Zealand against the northern hemisphere team is 73%.

Another effective of way of measuring the performance of Ireland is by comparing the performance of both the teams. It is difficult to land up to a reasonable conclusion with trend analysis, which is moving average method will be used to analyses the data. While going through the data of both the teams, it can be clearly noticed that their performance is quite visible and one can easily spot out their best and worst performances in the matches.

Something changes in Ireland matches after 2000, wherein professional ways were adopted for plaguing the matches. The Irish Rugby Football Union took the decision of converting four provincial sides with something which had financial capacity and also was capable of retaining the top talent in Ireland. While on the contrary all blacks have maintained a different kind of performance cycle which lasted for around four to five years. They are doing quite well and maintaining an upward trend in the world cup performances.

After analyzing the performance of teams, it has been witnessed that All Blacks have been performing on an average and their performance have never went down to the zero margin. This clearly means that in 10 consecutive matches they have not lost many matches in a series or have not suffered big losses. While looking at Ireland on the other hand, they have been maintaining an average of 10 match point difference, which clearly points out that in 10 matches they bear huge, loses or loses many matches in a series. However all of this has been history, this has not been the case with Ireland after 2000. In these 15 years, their average point different has reduced to 1.7 and recently audiences have been witnessing a winning streak in the players and team as a whole. Currently the team is performing quite well, and has been highlighted as one of the winning champions amongst six different nations.

Going further, the circumstances at Ireland have been analyzed to compute there loses since 1905. All blacks came across the Irish when their performance was towards the downward trend or when Kiwis were at their performance peak or was performing just the best. All of this clearly explains that circumstances were not in favor of Irish owing to which they are not able to perform well against the All Blacks.

Another good alternative to explore about the team, is look out for their near misses against New Zealand. If only the five point loss is considered, then Ireland has 21% chances of winning against New Zealand. Well it would be interesting to watch that how Ireland really performs against the All Blacks in the Rugby World Cup 2015.

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