Canada CONCACAF Gold Cup 2015 Team Squad Players List

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Canada CONCACAF Gold Cup 2015 Team Squad Players List

CONCACAF Gold Cup 2015 Final 23 Players Rosters Announced

CONCACAF Gold Cup 2015, is one of the most talked about things these days and this is the thirteenth series of CONCACAF gold cup and 23rd for the CONCACAF regional championship. In the year 2015, the tournament shall be hosted in United States and in Canada and it shall also include a consolation match for the first time. Two of the matches in the tournament shall be held in Canada, which would be the first time in the history of CONCACAF world cup.

Team squads

12 teams have qualified for the matches out of whom three of them belong to North America, while four is from Central America and the last four is from Caribbean. It has been for the first time when the fifth placed teams of Caribbean and Central zone are competing for the final gold cup of the tournament. In the past, fife berths were given to Central America and also four was given to Caribbean. It would be quite interesting to see that how are these squads placed within the tournament and how well they might play in the tournament to win the winning title in the match.

Also, the additional four teams who are other than the qualified teams i.e. United States, Mexico, Costa Rica and Jamaica they shall qualify for the play off which will further decide their position as Copa America Centenario. Hence these teams shall not be the only qualifier of 2015 teams, but will also play to quality to next set of match which shall take place in the year 2016. Some of the players who shall form part of the tournament are Milan borjan, Lars Hirschfeld, Quillin Robberts, Kenny Stamatopoulos and also Samuel Adekugbe. There positions in the tournament have been pre decided and they are all set to give a tough competition to other teams in the tournament.

Canada as the hosting country

Canada is not from the famous teams and also has never been considered as the brightest teams in the tournament. They have been performing like an average team in the tournament, however this time around when they are the host country most of the matches will be played in the home ground and it would supposedly come out as one of the biggest advantage for the Canadian team. Fans who love the Canadian team, they might be quite exciting for them to find out how well the team is going to perform this time and what all advantages will it bring for the team this time after being a host country.

Champions of gold cup

The champion in the 2015 gold cup will have to fight against United States in the gold cup, and this will further decide the fate of teams in the gold cups which will be held in the year 2016 and so on. The qualifying match will be held on a single day, the place has not been decided yet. United States was the winner last year which is why it has qualified directly to be a part of the considerations cup. Mexico and Jamaica is going to represent the gold cup in the year 2015, and they have also been invited as the guests by CONMEBOL.

Venues of the tournament

While the team squads and players are being selected for the tournament, the next other thing which is being decided are the venues. Fourteen venues have been selected for the tournament and complete list was announced somewhere in December 2014. Lincoln Financial Field will have the final match and the PPL park will host the third match, and all the other 12 venues may host rest of the matches in the tournament.


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