Chile Beat Uruguay 1-0 to Reach Copa America 2015 Semifinals

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Chile Vs Uruguay Today Match Predictions and Preview 24 June

It is good news for hosts Chile in the Copa American tournament 2015 on Wednesday 24th June. Chile won the quarter final match that it played against Uruguay by 1-0. Mauricio Isla, the Juventus defender settles a strike at the 81st minute in Santiago’s Estadio Nacional Satadium. Uruguay was totally knocked off from the quarter finals while it was also reduced to 9 players as Edinson and Fucile were sent off. Fucile was dismissed for a second yellow card in the closing minutes which was a shock for the players as well as the officials .Uruguay’s coach, Oscar Tabarez came into the pitch after Fucile was declared dismissed. Cavani was also shown a yellow card in the 61st minute of the game.

Cavani was booked with a yellow card in the first half of the game for a foul on Chile player Arturo Vidal was again booked with red for flicking a hand in the face of Chile defender Gonzalo Jara. Cavani was in doubt of playing the game because of his father who has knocked over and killed a 19 year old motorist just the day before.

The incident happened like this. Zara had given Cavani a friendly slap in the back and then poked him behind the referees back.Cavani was furious and flicked a hand on Zara who reacted indifferently, but Cavani was shown a red card. All the video footages were shown in TV and coach Tabarez said that they had all seen the footages and know that it was not their fault. Uruguay was very upset with the dismissal of Cavani and was determined to opt for a penalty shootout with a very cynical attitude. As 10 minutes were left for the match to end, Chile pounced on Uruguay goalkeeper Fernando Muslera as he failed to clear a cross. Jorge Valdivia passed the ball to Isla who gave a goal to reach the end of the game. Uruguay again faced defeat when Fucile bumped into Chile star Alexis Sanchez. Though Uruguay protested that it was by mistake, the opponent team said that it was a planned action and showed him a red card.

Chile would now be playing in the semi finals. This is the first win for Chile in the Copa American 2015 match since its commencement and they are simply exulted. We now have another game. I don’t know if it will be Peru or Bolivia but we still have the dream,” said striker Alexis Sanchez. “We fought hard and we have to thank the fans who were behind us all the way.” Isla was booked before the second half of the match after he plunged on Carlos Sanchez.

The next quarter finals would be between Argentina and Colombia and Brazil and Paraguay on Saturday.

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