Cricket ipl is in trouble, but popularity will see it through

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IPL Final

Since the year 2008 when the IPL was born as a new face of Indian cricket making it appear star studded, exciting and extravagant; it has reached new heights that prove that the league had been a real success story.

But it had not always been very clean in the media and as well as on the field. Ever since the IPL power packed action took off there had been incidents of corruption and match-fixing in the IPL. Now this year when two of the eight mega teams playing in the IPL have faced a suspension there is no denying the fact that the IPL has some foul play going on in dark corners that are hidden by its glitter and sparkle in the front.

As the IPL underwent metamorphosis to become a showbiz extravaganza from 2008 to the coming years, crowds began to flock in great numbers to catch a glimpse of their favourite players from India and outside. In a country that worships cricket it is not an honourable thing that the sport has been blotted with the black activities of some.

In 2010, the IPL chairman Lalit Modi was suspended by the bcci india and in 2013, three Rajasthan Royals players and 11 bookmakers were charged with spot-fixing. Still the IPL was riding upon swift waves to reach the worth of $7.2 billion in the year 2014 from $2.01 billion in 2009. This clearly marks how popular the sport is among the Indian cricket crazy masses.

Still there are questions on how will the league move forward with its tainted brand and how will the bcci india clean up the IPL. The sheer popularity of the tournament makes it essential to protect its integrity. Greater potentials might be suppressed if the ‘negative aura’ continues to build up.

Naive players are the easiest target for the expansion of corruption. The amounts of money involved in the game makes it really tough for some players to figure out the wrong that they will be doing by bowling a couple of no balls to swing a match. The IPL though is strong enough to survive with its scale of enterprise and its popularity but it is on the players to treat the sport loyally.

It is essential that the bcci india looks to the fact that the IPL makes headlines for the cricketing exploits of the players and not for their illegal acts.

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