FIFA 16 trailer The beautiful game is here

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FIFA 16 trailer The beautiful game is here

FIFA 16 trailer The beautiful game is here

Well who doesn’t like to play what is called ‘The beautiful Game?’ The world’s most popular and successful game is set to release in September this year. What makes it exciting is that Lionel Messi, Steven Gerrard, and Raheem Sterling are in the advertisement and the commentary is done by Martin Tyler. Another exciting feature about the game is that for the first time you can choose a female player.

So, when is FIFA releasing? And how much would it cost you?

FIFA will release on September 22 this year in The United Kingdom and on September 25 inNorth America. What seems sad is that Japan and Brazil would have to wait until October 8th .Japan I understand but Brazil? The land of football….this doesn’t seem fair to me.

FIFA 16, is expected to cost you around 45 pounds for XBOX 1 and PS4. For PS3 and XBOX 360 it would cost around 40 pounds.

You can also download the demo in early September and see what the game would look like.

What to expect from the Demo?

  • Two teams of women
  • Eight teams of Clubs (Manchester United, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus, PSG, Boca Juniors, Zenit and La Galaxy)
  • Details of what to expect from the game
  • You can play a match between teams.

Why is there so much buzz?

Because, FIFA 16 has FEMALE PLAYERS. Some of the international Female teams have been included here. Also, the game would run around a storyline, you will have to build a character of the player and make them rise to glory.

What is sad is that you will not be able to put men against the female team.

The developers of the game were big fans of Pompey who died of cancer, Hence ,In the trailer you see his home ground, Porthsmouth , as a tribute.

“We are delivering unprecedented depth and innovation to the franchise this season by bringing several new ways to play across Career Mode, Ultimate Team, and through the introduction of twelve Women’s National Teams,” said David Rutter, VP and GM, EA SPORTS FIFA. “We think fans are going to be equally as excited with all the new ways as they have been with the gameplay in FIFA 16. From hands-on game play events across the world, we’ve heard resoundingly positive feedback on the balanced and exciting experience we are building in FIFA 16.”

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