FIFA world cup 2015 Golden boot winner list all time

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FIFA world cup 2015 Golden boot winner list all time

FIFA world cup 2015 Golden boot winner list all time

Football is one of those renowned games which is played and appreciated by spectators around the world. The feeling of achieving big awards in world cup is nothing less than an honor especially when the player finishes off as the top goal scorer in the world cup. Achieving the place of top goal scorer, imbibes the name of player in history of football which is one of the biggest things players crave and work hard for. This achievement also brings in huge respect and name for the players which enables player to achieve good heights in his career.

FIFA world cup 2015 is around the corner, and every player would be trying hard to achieve a good position for themselves in the tournament. Many football world cups have occurred since 1930 i.e. from Spain to South Africa and there lies a long list of players who have bagged the title of golden boot winners.

About the Award

The world cup boot award is considered as one of the most prestigious awards and every player craves to win the world cup golden glove, world cup golden ball, word cup’s best young player. The award is given to the top goal scorer in the tournament, however if in case tie happens between the player, FIFA takes the count ahead to find players who exceeds in the number of goal counts. However if still the players appears neck to neck, then the players are rated on the basis of time they are on the ground and the one who has spent less time on the ground while kicking off goals is declared as winner of the award.

History of Award

The top goal scorer award in world cup began in the year 1982 in the Spain World Cup. The very first time when it began, the award was sponsored and given by a well-known shoes and kit company Adidas, and this year it was known as Adidas Golden shoe award. During this time, Paolo Rossi was the winner who plays from Italy team and he was successful in scoring 6 goals in the whole tournament. However the last team who grabbed opportunity of winning the Adidas golden shoe was one of the German strikers, Miroslav Klose who successfully scored 5 goals in the tournament.

2010 and onwards

With effect from 2010, the award name was changed to Adidas Golden Boot and that year it was won by German winger Thomas Muller. However the recent winner who bagged the position in 2014 was James Rodriguez. He is a Brazil world cup striker and plays excellently well to give tough completion to players in the tournament. This time around many players are expected to win the boot award, however it would be quite interesting to see that who might back this place.

Probable top goal scorers in 2015

There are some more players in line who have bright chances to become award winners of golden boot this time, and some of the players who have highest probability are Raul, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Rudd van Nistelrooy and many more. Out of them Raul has scored highest till date i.e. 71 goals, well it would be quite a treat to watch that which player would back up the position and imbibe his name in history of the world cup.


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