Former UND football star dies in Thailand

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Former UND football star dies in Thailand

Former UND football star dies in Thailand

It’s sad news for soccer fans: One of the best and most famous football players died at the age of 36 in a motorcycle accident. Travis O’Neel was the best defensive player to play at the Eden Prairie and the University of North Dakota in Thailand. He was an international teacher in Philippines and was doing higher studies in Thailand. His former roommates as well as his team mates are simply shattered at the news. “You don’t want to believe it,” said his former roommate and teammate at UND, John Kyvig. “He was a very gracious person.”

Travis has been a very good defense player from Eden Prairie High school and he led the team in 1996 and won the school’s first ever state football championship.  Neel also led the team at the University of Dakota in 2001 and won the championship trophy as well. He was a very honest and humble individual who loved playing soccer but he never took credit for the same. Neel loved to travel abroad and teach children and inspire them in Costa Rica, Philippines and Thailand. This is the place where he met his wife, had his two sons and leaved a peaceful life.O Neel was riding the motorcycle on Friday when he was hit in the head by a truck. Though he held on for some days, he could not survive. He would be remembered by his team mates, his friends and colleagues. He was a very jovial and free spirited guy and though he always travelled, he was always happy- said one of his roommates. Schweigert finds the death of Neel hard to believe. O’ Neel also led the national title team in tackles and was two-time Academic All-NCC selection. He studied from the UND in 2002 and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education.


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