France Vs Canada Rugby World Cup 2015 Predictions Preview tips Who Will Win 01st Oct 2015

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France Vs Canada Rugby World Cup 2015 Predictions Preview tips Who Will Win 01st Oct 2015

France vs Canada- Rugby World Cup 2015

Get ready for another exciting match to be played between two good teams in Group D ( France and Canada will be competing against each other for the dominance and win the upcoming match. The Rugby world cup started on 19th September and will get completed on 11th October 2015. The teams are divided in pool divisions. Pool D is consisting of five teams namely France, Ireland, Italy, Canada (top American qualifier) and European qualifier Romania. Another exciting match will be played in Pool D when France will be taking Canada in a crucial match of Rugby World Cup 2015 on 1st October 2015 at 20:00 BST.

France Vs Canada Match Preview

It will be an exciting match because both the teams have their own strengths and weakness. However if you see the matches played so far, clearly France will be a favourite team till now because it has won all its matches it has played so far. On other hand, it has been a downfall for Canada as Canada lost to Ireland in their opening match with 7-50 score line. The balance of the side is looking more heavy and strong in favour of France because the team has a good combination of defence and attack. One can expect the team to beat Canada any time quite easily. Ireland and France are leading the group D till now and looking like the teams to qualify while other teams like Italy, Canada and Romania are looking to build on their teams in the competition. Canada has lost to Ireland and Italy till now and it would be tough for the team to win this match. Many believe that the team has not been able to do well during the play like showing creativity on the field or out thinking their opponent. It has been the same old traditional play in their game. Coaches have been trying to adopt new ways to ensure that their team will be able to play with better formation and different game play. It would take a lot of effort from the team in order to come up as winners in the upcoming. It has been a same story for Canada team has well. The way the team lost to Ireland, clearly indicates that the team has not been doing well at all and it would need a special performance from one of the major strikers to ensure that the team does well in the upcoming match. In order to win this match, Canada needs to come up with a new strategy and formation by which they can outplay other team in every parameter possible.

France Vs Canada Predictions Who Will Win

The match is looking like a straight forward win for France team and it would be difficult to do any comparison till now. So we need to expect a better performance from their players especially when it comes to players from Canada team. A better performance will be expected from Canada but whether they will be able to outplay or not is still yet to be seen. France looks a better side compared to Canada and one can expect them to win easily. However it is still to be seen how both the teams strategic with some good tactics so that they can test their strength and overcome weaknesses. Canada team needs a better performance from their pack and strength of their backs to come up with a victory. The team needs to play together and show their strength and win with a bonus point to stay in the competition. All is not lost for the team yet and still many matches are to be played yet.

The statistics are looking more in favour of France. If you go by head to head encounters, then the statistics are placed in favour of France as the team has won number of matches than Canada. A lot will be at stake for both the teams on 1st October.

France Vs Canada Head To Head

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