Franchise owners turbulent over the cancellation of the champions league

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Franchise owners turbulent over the cancellation of the champions league

Franchise owners turbulent over the cancellation of the champions league

The Indian premier league league is turbulent over the cancellation mark put over the iplt20 champion’s league. This particular decision of cancellation of the champions’ league has not been taken very lightly by the owners. They are even planning to bring forth this matter and discuss it with the officials and authorities of the board of control for cricket in India or the bcci india.

They have put forth the grievance that they were not consulted neither were they told beforehand about his decision of the cancellation of the champions league. There was no prior information provided to them regarding this issue. They mentioned that it was a very good opportunity in business for them but they were kept unaware about this decision. They were supposedly kept in dark about this matter and not told anything. A remark was made about the cricket not being played in china and that they all live in a democratic country where they have the right to raise a hue and cry for something done without their consent.

From the time the news has been brought out by the media, there is an unending interaction between the officials and the owners. They all are discussing as how to bring forth a solution to this problem and how to address the issue.  Apart from the Chennai super kings and the Rajasthan royals who have been banned from playing by the Lodhi Committee, the owners of the other six teams are being contacted. Many of them are overseas and their availability at the meeting is not confirmed hence they might even become a part of the meeting through a conference call.

The franchise officials also remarked that this was the best time for them to mint money but they have not been informed anything about this big step and they said that their concerns were paid no heed to.

The BCCI India-CA-CA will supposedly earn $330 million from the star broadcasters for the sole reason of leaving the tournament midway.  It is being speculated that the three bards were constantly in a way trying to end the tournament and thereafter the final decision regarding this issue arrived on the sidelines of the annual conference of the international cricket council in Barbados.

The JSW group, which is headed by Sajjan Jindal, is also planning to buy a team of their own in the IPL.


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