Ireland Vs Romania Rugby World Cup 2015 Predictions Who Will Win 27 Sep 2015

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Ireland Vs Romania Rugby World Cup 2015 Predictions Who Will Win 27 Sep 2015

Ireland vs Romania – Rugby World Cup 2015

Rugby World Cup has begun on 19th September and it will end on 10th October. 20 teams from around the world will be competing against each other for the world cup title. Teams are divided into four pools: Pool A, B, C and D. In the pool D, the teams are France, Ireland, Italy, Canada and Romania. Current standings are led by France and Ireland. France has won both its opening matches while Ireland has won its starting match. Ireland won its first match against Canada with big 50-7 win         and will be looking to extend their lead and get into the quarter finals of Rugby World Cup 2015.

Ireland Vs Romania Match Preview

Matches have been fought quite one sided in Pool D with France and Ireland leading the group. Ireland looks like a well-balanced. In the recent news, Ireland had also declared a clean slate for Robbie Henshaw and expected to recover on time ahead of Romania match. One would expect a better performance from Ireland in this match as they would be looking to earn the much needed bonus point in this match against Romania. On the other hand, Romania would be looking to hold on aggressive team of Ireland. The team needs to display some tactical changes and try to play aggressively in the start of the match. Some teams are trying to employ the strategy used by Japan in the match against South Africa.

Ireland Vs Romania Head to Head

Match Statistics

In the last 8 encounters played between Ireland and Romania, all the matches were won by Ireland and the side is much stronger than Romania. However one thing is for sure about Romania, that this side cannot be taking lightly and cannot be underestimated by any team. Romanai have been able to qualify for the Rugby World Cup since that start of the competition in the year 1987. The team has a strong pack and cannot be taken lightly. It would be an exciting match in our hands in Pool D encounter when both teams clash for important point in RWC 2015.

Ireland Vs Romania Match Predictions

One would expect Ireland to take away this match quite easily and this match is expected to be more like 40-10 in favor of Ireland till now. Even the recent betting has been favoring the team since the start of the match declarations.

Team compositions and tactics

Romania will be looking a better performance from their backs like Stelian Burcea (Timisoara Saracens), Daniel Carpo (CSM Bucuresti), Viorel Lucaci (Steaua Bucuresti), Mihai Macovei (Colomiers, capt), Ovidiu Tonita (Provence) and some attacking from their centers like Centres Csaba Gal (Cluj), Paula Kinikilau (Timisoara Saracens), Florin Vlaicu (CSM Bucuresti). A lot will also depend on their fly halves like Danut Dumbrava (Steaua Bucuresti) and Michael Wiringi (Baia Mare).




Scrum-halves Tudorel Bratu (Dinamo), Valentin Calafeteanu (Timisoara Saracens), Florin Surugiu (CSM Bucuresti).

How to watch Match Live

BBC sports will be telecasting the match live on TV and one can even watch the match live by tuning into online sports channels to watch the match scores, statistics and updates about the match. With match live updates you can easily remain intact with the happening in the game. Ireland vs Romania game will be played with a lot of expectations from fans and supporters. Many people from around the world will be coming to watch this match live in England and one can expect a lot of turnaround of people. If you are die hard supporter of any of the teams, you can still watch the match live online or on TV. No matter what will be the result, you can sure that it would be an epic encounter.


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