Is Cristiano Ronaldo, really available for a move away from Bernabeu

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Is Cristiano Ronaldo, really available for a move away from Bernabeu

Latest transfer news and rumours

Iker Casillas’s agent, Santos Marquez has made startling claims that the elite striker-winger might have signalled at a certain sign that he is willing to move. The agent had come out with a fact that Ronaldo had sold his image rights to a third party company which is headed by the Valencia chief. This according to the agent is not normal. He was quoted as saying

“Will anyone speak out in Madrid as to why Cristiano has sold his image rights to Peter Lim? That’s not normal; it suggests Cristiano is planning to leave”

Ronaldo makes around 40m Euros from his image rights and with the current agreement it shall mean that Florentino Perez won’t have any part in it. This money, now, will contribute to Peter Lim’s bank account. He also went on to disclose Real Madrid’s valuation of their star striker; standing at £66.5m.

It is well known that Real Madrid does not retain players only on basis of their on-field contributions but also their off-field ones; the biggest loser of this being Angel Di Maria. Di Maria was the man of the match in Champions League final that Madrid won, but soon after ended up selling the star to United. Similarly, if these claims regarding Ronaldo taking his business elsewhere are true, Madrid will be losing out on big chunk of money and hence would not mind to part with their two times Ballon D’OR winning player.

Manchester United on the other hand has been looking for a striker ever since the departure of Falcao and Robin van Persie. Van Gaal, in his press conference, also confirmed that they are looking at striker options but it will be a surprise addition and people will just have to wait and see. It is completely possible that Van Gaal is focussing on someone entirely different, but one cannot ignore the chance, no matter how minute, of the “Ronaldo come back” to be true.

The latest press conference, Van Gaal has suggested that the window goes till September 1 and hence everyone needs to be patient and see how things unwind. United supporters will be patient but will not be able to hold their excitement if Ronaldo, is in fact, planning on leaving.

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