Japan All set to target Olympics after world cup

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Japan All set to target Olympics after world cup

Japan All set to target Olympics after world cup

According to Norio Sasaki, the football coach the team will now be concentrating on the Olympics 2016 after facing the loss in Women’s world cup. This time Japan was 4-0 for quarter of an hour in Vancouver, before the team lost the match against US with the score of 5-2. United States has won the title for third time in a row i.e. in 1991 and 1999. The final was third major championship; where in both the leading nations were competing against other. Japan won 2011 world cup on penalties while US won gold in Olympics.

The coach further added that only two teams from Asia has qualified for Olympics, while other teams in Olympics consists of Australia, Korea and China who have got entry in the game after playing knockout rounds in Canada. Although, Japan lost the wining title of world cup, they became the first Asian team to win 2011, and for them this is not the end of soccer games. Instead they are all set to play in Olympics and bring out good results.

Japan will have to work quite hard for the matches in Rio which will be held in less than a month; the team is all set for preparations from Monday. Coach added, team is going to go through rigorous preparations wherein they will have to challenge themselves in every practice to bring out their best. The team and coach are disappointed after their loss, but it is also a proven fact that team will get stronger after facing such tough components and loses.

It is important for the development of team to play against tough components, as this helps bring out the best within the team and every player performs his best to win the game. According to the coach the team is in strict need of building up strategies with the help of which they can battle against the opponents and win the game. Absence of technical play and strategy might deteriorate the game of the team leading to low ranking.

However Japan has received appreciation for the fact that they have made to the finale in Women’s football, however now it is time to perform in the best way and win the hope. Good play from the country will hopefully attract more girls to the game thus improving the level of players and participation within the game. In comparison to the Japan team, US team has lots of girls registered for soccer who are more than willing to become a part of the game and matches played all around the world.

Undoubtedly, Japan needs to increase their quality of game after which they will be able to do wonders this time in Olympics. Germany and France have already qualified for Olympics 2016 and have booked their places in Rio. It would be however interesting to watch how Japan performs in this Olympics, and what strategy and team play is put forth by the team and his coach to make an impression in the history of Olympics.

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