Jerry Jones believes that Dez Bryant caught the ball

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Jerry Jones believes that Dez Bryant caught the ball

Jerry Jones believes that Dez Bryant caught the ball

On August 5, Tuesday night match feature training camp for Dallas in Oxnard, California for three hours in which the team was seen soaking in sun and running up & down in the ground. Among the other important features, there were also many interviews were conducted for the famous celebrities like Jerry Jones and Tony Romo. The interview was conducted to know about what Jerry Jones believed about the catch that Dez Bryant took.

During the course of interview, Jerry Jones was asked a touch question. In reply, the question was regarding the match and was asked question that whether Dez Bryant actually manage to catch the ball from the Cowboys playoff loss to the packers.

And you best believe he thinks he did.

“Of course he caught the ball,” Jones said. “Dez knew he caught the ball.”

This was the match regarding the match in 2014 and to the response of the question he said that he believed that the ball was caught. Jones was seen very confident that he did caught the ball and Dez Bryant also knew the fact that he was able to catch the ball. It seems that Dez Bryant did catch the ball, but he couldn’t maintain the possession of the way as he fell to the ground. It was quite common sense that Dez Bryant was able to catch the ball and it should have been a catch.

Based on the rule of the game, it was however considered to be an incomplete pass. The national football league rewrote to the off season but it is possible that it caused all the more confusion. Both ways, Dez Bryant was not able to catch the ball. Sometimes it is quite often seen that sometimes common sense did not prevail in the match. During the interview, it seems that Jerry Jones was seen supporting Dez Bryant that he caught the ball.

“The likelihood of a great human performance, which soars into the sublime; This is the real meaning of sports. It should be honoured, not legislated out of the game.”

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