John Howard displays his backyard bowling skills in Pakistan that ends in disaster

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John Howard displays his backyard bowling skills in Pakistan that ends in disaster

John Howard displays his backyard bowling skills in Pakistan that ends in disaster

The former prime minister John Howard, recently displayed his bowling skills in Pakistan while his visit to the earthquake ravaged country. Mr Howard joined in a friendly game with the Australian military personnel as well as the local children but he was upset with his performance. Mr Howard was a part of the panel discussion at the Kings College in London where cultural war was discussed. He spoke about how the people arranged for the cricket matches with the local children and had persuaded him to join in to play the friendly game.

The ball that was used was basic of a tennis ball that was joined at the seam by some white tape.

The ball initially stuck in the hands of the prime minister but he took it sportingly as well. This was also shown in the television footage. Mr Howard also recounted on his presence in the Lords cricket ground where Australia defeated England. He also commented on England team that feared the pace bowling of Australia.

“They had a ball that was fundamentally the inside of a tennis ball with some white tape around it,’’ he added.

“And certainly I had a go and it stuck in my hand … and of course it played for ever and a day afterwards,” he said, citing the TV recording that continues to re-emerge.

He said that England would need some time to get back on their feet as well England had won the first test at Cardiff by 169 runs. Mr Howard is a diehard cricket fan who has grown up in a family that loved cricket. He also enjoys the Ashes cricket ground, which is a field for friendly relation between two teams. He also appraised Don Bradman who played his best for Australia and gave cricket a great uplift. He referred to the cricketer as an all time best in the world of cricket.

Australia were all in praise for New Zealand and Britain and always held them in high esteem Mr Howard also regularly attended the matches played by Australia.

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