KPL should heed warnings

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KPL should heed warnings

KPL 2015

Tuskan coach Kimanzi suggested a few changes in the Kenyan Premier league so that it can preserve the local quality. He said that KPL should cut down the number of foreign players in its league so that it can preserve the local quality of the team. He also commented that if this is not done, there would be continuous influx in the teams and the football game standard of the team would badly deteriorate. His recent comments have definitely put him on fire by variety of people including the Kenyan team. He sought the example of champion Gor Mahia and pointed out that the team is really doing well because they have the best local players at club level – and the Cecafa Kagama game is being propped up by the foreign players.

“It is good that Gor Mahia are doing well in the inter-club championships but the unfortunate thing is that when you look at their first team squad, their key players are all foreigners,” Kimanzi said on Thursday. He also suggested that the foreign quota of players be reduced to three with two foreign players who would be allowed to play at a time. Five foreign players at a time are too much for a team. In fact it is almost half of the team itself. The inclusion of foreign players also rule out the possibility of allowing locals to play for their own team – he said. He concluded saying that 705 of foreign players in Kenya shouldn’t be playing in the KPL as they had no such outstanding talents that should be looked upon .It seems that Kimanzis statements are not all false when the whole performance of the team are being looked into.

Kenya has recently been chucked out of the Africa national Championship after they lost by 2-0 to Ethiopia. Chan was a perfect place where the local football standards could be tested and proved. They fielded their best local players against Ethiopia but the team fared poorly. Kenya was unable to play well and they could not move forward in the African Youth championship after they were eliminated by Botswana. Foreigners have been allowed to be included into the Kenyan team and that is what has made them fare poorly in the game. Kenya has two of the best players in its team that are Victor Wanyama and Ayub Timbe. Kenya should now be building their team with inclusion of the best local players who have strength and talent. If the situation does not change then Kenya would face the situation of England where influx of foreign players has also affected the performance of the team as a whole. This should be definitely looked into.

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