Lahore Region Blues vs Quetta Region Predictions Preview Who Will Win 02 Sep 2015

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Lahore Region Blues vs Quetta Region Predictions Preview Who Will Win 02 Sep 2015

Lahore Region Blues vs Quetta Region Predictions Preview Who Will Win 02 Sep 2015

Lahore Region Blues v Quetta Region

Cricket is one of the most popular games all across the world. As compared to yesteryears, there are many countries which play cricket quite seriously. Whether you speak about India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, England, South Africa or New Zealand, you will find each of these countries quite popular in the world of cricket. Youngsters from an early age are trained in this game and taught how to excel on the field in different forms of the game. You will find numerous cricket clubs in every cricketing nation, where kids are taught how to play cricket. In order to make them more competitive and more experienced, these clubs often play matches against one another. Players, who shine in these small scale matches, are later invited to play at a higher level. As the players gain more experience in cricket and prove to be a good player, they get promoted to play for their nations.

Pakistan, which is another one of the various popular cricketing nations in the world, also has several clubs which teach cricket to youngsters. It organizes Haier T20 cup which is played by 8 cricket playing clubs. The winners of the 2 semifinals get qualified to play against other teams in the main round. This main round is scheduled to start on the 8th of September. All the matches of the Haier T20 cup is supposed to be played in the Rawalpindi cricket stadium. One of the recent matches will be played between Lahore Region and Quetta Region. Both the clubs are talented and has been playing this Cup for many years.

Quetta Region

Quetta Region or better known as Quetta Bears is based in Quetta, Pakistan. This is a Pakistan Super League team of cricketers and the club was established in the year 2006. Several big names are there in this team such as Imran Khan, Jalat Khan, Shoaib Khan, and Bismillah Khan. The team is packed with sheer talent and is expected to stand up to the expectations of their fans in every game they play. Whether you speak about batting or bowling or fielding, the team has all the necessary recipes to counter any attack placed by their opponents.

Lahore Region Blues

The Lahore Region Blues is one of the most talented teams to participate in the Haier T20 cup this year. There are several experienced cricket players in this team such as Raza Ali Dar, Rashid Riaz, Kashif Siddiq, Humayun Farhat, and Khurram Chohan. Batting, bowling and fielding are 3 primary plus sectors in this team. Players are talented in every part of the game and their coach is also quite sure that his boys will be able to fight any opponent on the cricket field in every avenues of cricket.

If you are unable to make it to the Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium, then there is nothing to worry about in such cases. You can get updates about all the matches in this series on the ESPN website. Runs scored, dismissals and team stacks will all be displayed on the website. You can get the updates from the comfort of your couch at home or even in between working hours in office.

Fans for both the teams will be praying for their respective teams to win. However, both the teams are well prepared to fight against all odds on the field. It is just a matter of a few hours before you get to know the actual winner in this match between Lahore Region Blues and Quetta Region. Both the teams will battle it out. However, the best team will come out victorious at the end. No matter what would be the result of the match, you can sure that you will get best T20 action in this match.


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