Manchester United skipper Wayne Rooney Looks up to Gerrard to lead his team

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Manchester United skipper Wayne Rooney Looks up to Gerrard to lead his team

Manchester United skipper Wayne Rooney Looks up to Gerrard to lead his team

Wayne Rooney Manchester United’s fabulous striker wants to compete with Steven Gerrard. England‘s former skipperTeam Red Devils’ captain, Rooney said that the Liverpool legend and LA Galaxy midfielder Steven Gerrard sets a seamless example of how to lead a team on the field. Steven Gerrard has led the team beautifully, in difficult situations also.

He added that, off the ground, even Gary Neville was fantastic for his team and made sure everything was organized well. There were some other great captains also like David Beckham and NemanjaVidic.

Rooney also claimed that he has always been the leader type, even when he didn’t have the armband at Old Trafford. He was always vocal about his thoughts, and the good thing about his team was that none of them were vocal and said what they want, and that is it. So he could really voice himself and his ideas to all the players in the team He said that he likes to pick up things that worked right around him and then apply it in his way.

“I think on the pitch probably Steven Gerrard is the one you look at. In difficult situations he has been a leader,” Rooney told ESPN.

“Off the pitch, Gary Neville was fantastic for the players and made sure everything was organized. Other lads like David Beckham and Nemanja Vidic were great captains in their own way.”

Before being a captain, Rooney commanded a lot of respect from the team members.He was always passionate about representing his country and never feared any responsibility given to him. Rooney is a player who will be never be shy of media, as he is vocal and makes his point clear. Rooney has become diplomatic now and he would never uncover his team members if something goes wrong.

He added: “I was always quite vocal and the good thing about those players was that they weren’t captains who said their piece and that was it.”

On this, Gerrard said that Rooney deserves the band of a captain fully. And it kills him to see, what Rooney has done to Manchester United. He added that if anyone looks back at the records for cabs and goal. Rooney’s name will definitely pop up and he truly deserves it.

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