NASA discovers Earthlike planet to even support cricket

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NASA discovers Earthlike planet to even support cricket

NASA has announced discovery of an earthlike planet which is capable to even support cricket. The recent news has brought excitement in the world of sport and science. The planet is capable of supplying oxygen and water. Apart from that, the land was found to be containing green substance which looks like similar to the green pitch of Lords. This recently discovery of a planet has left many scientists and sportsmen mystified. The new planet is called as KeplerWessels-452b, contains a fair share of rocky straits and even dusty wastelands. Since the announcement made by NASA, cricketing area is filled with funny comments about the new discovery and relation to be known as a potential cricketing planet.

David Warner was very excited with the discovery and strong gravitational force of this planet, which may help him survive without holding out. On the other hand, England captain Alastair Cook was bit more cautious while commenting on the capabilities of this extraterrestrial planet. He said that he was bit apprehensive to know that the new planet is capable of supporting cricket. Many new plans have been made to export cricket infrastructure like bat, balls and stumps to KeplerWessels-452b. Even ICC has shown interest to know about this discovery from NASA. Even many cricket officials are deciding over giving thought to who would be the first cricketers to visit this amazing planet and try out its conditions. NASA has estimated that the planet is about 1400 light years away which means that the travelers will not be back before next few World Cups. It would be a milestone journey for anyone who would be imagining visiting this planet. In a funny way, with Peterson yet to confirm his availability to lead the missing to new planet, many believe that who knows that Mohammad Amir would play the lead role in order to recover from his past mis-demeanours. Pakistan player and world class spinner, Saeed Ajmal spoke to the reports and showed his keenness to visit this amazing planet. He thinks this could be small step for humans but one giant leap for his career.


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