New cricket playing conditions come into effect

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New cricket playing conditions come into effect

The cricket playing conditions came into effect recently and according to these conditions, there will be no compulsory catchers that are required in 1 to 10 over. Moreover, the system of power plays that were the part of ODIs has also been discarded. The recent playing conditions have been effective since Bangladesh and South Africa series of matches which started on Sunday in Mirpur. These conditions are applicable to test series, ODIs and Twenty20 international cricket.

These conditions are included in the laws of cricket and they apply to all the forms of international cricket series. Although these are the final laws that have been added recently among all the laws of cricket but one think must be kept in mind is that these are just the adjustments and amendments that are added in the playing condition of cricket. These laws will be fully revised after concerning and asking recommendations from the authorities concerned. This process will be completed very shortly and after getting a revised code of conduct, the final laws and conduct will be effective from coming Wednesday.

According to the recent playing condition of international cricket, only five fielders will be allowed outside the circle in the 41 to 50 over. There will be no powerplays during the match, which was once an effective part of the cricket field. If the second team is batting and the match is about to end just at the time it was scheduled, either of the captains can request for a 15 minute extension for the play. When the interval is taken into action, it is up to the umpire to reduce the time interval if he feels that the result is pending.

An addition to this, a free hit will be given to all the modes of no ball. If the no ball included too many fielders outside the circle, the field can be modified for free hit even there is no transformation in striker. From now onwards, a bowler is allowed to run out the non striker before releasing the ball and if he has not finished his usual delivery. This recent trend is permitted in all the types of international cricket. According to a recent change in playing conditions, teams must demand a player review in 15 seconds of the ball.

The third umpire can now take the help the on field umpire to assist him in detecting the contact of ball with any camera, its equipments or above the area where it is played.

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