Peru beats Bolivia to reach Semi Finals

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Peru beats Bolivia to reach Semi Finals

Peru beats Bolivia to reach semi finals

The hat trick by Paulo Guerrero led Peru to a 3-1 win against Bolivia on Thursday securing a tight place for the Copa American 2015 Semi Finals against Chile on Monday. The quarter finals were played between Peru Vs Bolivia at the German Becker Stadium in Temuco, Chile

Peru gave Bolivia a great chase in the Copa American 2015 tournament. It brushed aside Bolivia at 3-0 goals leaving them utterly dismayed. Peru would now qualify for the Copa American semi finals with Chile on Monday. Flamengo forward Guerrero made a great goal in the 20th and 23rd minutes to rule out Bolivia from the game. This was a hat-trick that the 31 year old completed in the 74th minute. Marcelo Martin scored a late consolation penalty spot for Bolivia.

Peru would be taking on Chile the hosts on Thursday. The match between the two neighboring countries would be known as Clasico Del Pacifico. These two are rivals since 1879 and 1883 since the War of the pacific. Chile and Peru has also been known to fight a number of battles over disputed maritime border. Peru would be heading on to Mondays showdown after easily defeating Bolivia.

Guerrero scored twice in three minutes midway through the first half to put Peru in danger

Guerrero grabbed his first goal of the night in the 20th minute so that he timed his jumped to head home past the Bolivian goalkeeper Romel Quinonez after a cross from left by Florentina midfielder Juan Manuel Vargas. Guerrero made it 2-0 just three minutes later after a breakout from Peru. Midfielder Christian Cueva kicked a ball right over the top of Bolivian defense so that Guerrero could make an easy goal. Quinonez hesitated as he advanced off line and Guerrero made a goal as easily as in control. Bolivia was also playing well. They almost made a goal in 31 minutes but Martin was denied after a fine close range save by Peru goalkeeper Pedro Gallese. Peru played really well with strategy and foresight and Jefferson Farfan hit the goalpost, crashing a shot off the bar. Guerrero made a hat trick in 74 minutes and thus came the victory for Peru. Bolivia then grabbed a late consolation through a penalty shoot made by Martin after Ronald Raldes was defeated by Yordy Reyna.

The three goals from Guerrero were enough to make Peru exulted with joy. “We’re getting better and better,” said Guerrero, “Not many people had much confidence in us before this tournament but once again we’re showing that we’re a good side.”After Guerrero’s three goals, there was no way that Peru could look back.

Peru had also reached the semi finals of the 2011 Copa America. It is a strong team that would contend for the Copa American tournament. Now what Peru would do against Chile is left to be seen on Monday.

Argentina would be playing against Colombia in the quarter final today and Brazil would face Paraguay on Saturday.

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