Possible golden boot winner of Copa America 2015

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Possible golden boot winner of Copa America 2015

Copa America 2015 has had 20 matches till now and it is nearly nearing the end of the grand soccer tournament this year.It is currently having the quarter final matches where Chile defeated Uruguay by 1-0 goal last night and Peru defeated Bolivia by 3-0 goals. A great number of goals have already been scored and a number of players have also received yellow and red cards during the matches. All are considered to be a part of the game. Copa America is said to a grand tournament that is held every year and this time the winner of the golden boot are still to be seen. However the first name of the Golden boot list is Lionel Messi- the Argentina player who is really talented and strong. Other players who were also on the list of the possible golden boot awards were Cavani, L Suarez, and Neymer. These names of these players are no more in the list and it seems that Messi is the sole competitor for the golden boot. Let’s see some other names that can also qualify for the golden boot award.

Arturo Vidal from Chile

Arturo Vidal has already had 3 goals to his name in this year’s tournament. He has scored double goals against Bolivia. This 28 years old man from Juventus has given 35 goals in series A in the list of 124 goals. He gave 12 goals to Chile in 64 matches, that he has yet played in and 3 from this year’s tournament.

Charles Aranguiz from Chile is another player that deserves the golden boot award. He has had 2 goals to his name till now. The 26 year mid fielder from Chile has played 36 matches for Chile and has had 6 goals for his national team. He is playing in the Chilean league club international since 2014 where he has played 55 matches and scored 11 goals.

Seems like Chile is big on the list. Another well known player from Chile who deserves the golden boot award is Eduardo Vargas who has scored two goals till now. He is also playing for the national team of Chile since 2010 and so far he has played 44 matches and has scored 20 goals.

Sergio Aguero from Argentina has two goals to his name. He has scored two goals so that his team can be promoted to the next level. The first match with Ecuador was a draw and he also contributed in the match played with Uruguay. Sergio Aguero has played 63 matches for Argentina and scored 28 goals and he has also had 78 goals at Manchester city in his 120 games in EPL.

Last but not the least, one of the greatest players of the time is Lionel messi who has 1 goal to his name as of now. Messi has helped to win a number of matches with different countries, and he is expected to do well in the next three matches if Argentina qualifies for the final match. Messi played his 100th match with Jamaica and also scored 46 goals in his whole team career. He also Has so far 423 goals in 514 matches in his club career.


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