Possible Semi Final qualifier of Copa America 2015

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Possible Semi Final qualifier of Copa America 2015

Copa America 2015 Fixture Schedule

Copa American tournament is going really well and it is almost nearing the end. They just have 7 matches to go with the first quarter final that was played last night between Uruguay and Chile. Chile was the winner of the last quarter final match. Another quarter final was also played between Peru and Bolivia where Bolivia was defeated by 3 goals. Copa America tournament has been played for a long time and this is their 44th appearance. The defending champion is known to be the most successful team in South America. They have also been the winner for eight times and have lived up to its name. They have also finished their tournament from runner-up for 6 times.

The eight teams that are left for the tournament are Chili, Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, and Paraguay. According to many soccer fans and the team coaches, the prospective teams that would qualify for the semi finals of Copa America 2015 are Chili, Peru, Argentina, and Brazil .All these teams are well qualified and can be qualifiers of the semi finals of Copa America 2015.

All the four teams are very strong and have a bright future ahead. They have qualified in various matches and have a squad of strong contender’s who have played in a number of matches .Lets see why they are destined to qualify in the semi finals of Copa America 2015.

Chile- Chile is a strong team that has already qualified in the semi finals by defeating Uruguay last night. This is the 20th time that they have qualified in the semifinals and first time after the year 1999.They have four runners up title. Chile is in the 19th position of the FIFA ranking. Chile has had 9 world cup appearances and finished in 3rd place at 1962.

Peru- Peru has also qualified for the semi finals by defeating Bolivia. They have also won against Venezuela by 1-0.Peru has played 14 times in the semifinals and is a strong contender for the Copa America 2015.They have also had a draw with Colombia.

Argentina- Argentina is definitely one of the best contenders of the semi finals. It has a group of great players like Messi. Diego Maradona who played for Argentina was also a great player of his times. Argentina has been qualified in the semi finals for 33 times. They had missed the last match of Copa America tournament. Argentina has played the last world cup final after 24 years and also got the title of the runner up.The last final was played in 2007 and they won the Copa America finals in 1993.

Brazil- Brazil is one of the most successful and strong teams that has won the title of the finalists 8 times. Brazil has played 29 semi finals in Copa America. They defeated Argentina in 2007 and got the title of finalists. Brazil would not be having Neymer as their star player in this tournament. Since 1997 to 2007 Brazil was the 4 time consecutive winner at Copa America.

All the teams have the capability to qualify in the semi finals and they are by far the prospective teams that would most probably qualify for the semi finals of the Copa American tournament 2015.

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