Premier League transfer spending this summer reaches £500m

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Premier League transfer spending this summer reaches £500m

Latest transfer news and rumours

Transfer spending has become a very exciting part of the Premier League with team owners eyeing the best players. Every season, many players are transferred from one team to another which involves a lot of money. The shuffling remains a mystery for everyone till the dealings and negotiations are pending and people enjoy the entire buzz around the game. Money involved in Transfer spending seems to increase every season and players’ performance and their positions on the field speak for his price. There is still a span of a little less than a month which ends on 1st September at 6 p.m. British Summer Time, till decisions and negotiations regarding Transfer spending in the Premier League can be made and interestingly the figure this season has already reached a whooping £500m last Friday as per Deloitte. It would not be surprising that it surpasses the last summer’s figure.

This year’s biggest transfer has been that of Raheem Sterling, England’s super player, from Liverpool to Manchester City.  This deal has earned a sum of £44m for Liverpool and Sterling has become the most expensive player. If £83m was less, Louis van Gaal, the boss of Manchester United is ready for another surprise big deal. Expert of Finance in Football, Rob Wilson has also hinted at a never before Transfer Spending given the benefit that can be derived from the TV deal in which the amount of TV showcase rights of the Premier League has been increased to £5.136bn from £3.018bn. The new rates will be followed from 2016 onwards. The prize money per season for the Champion Team will be £150m or more with the team at the bottom of the tally making £99m.

The figures are bound to go up with pipeline deals like that of John Stones from Everton who is a hot favourite for Chelsea. The champions have offered £26m already and the deal is still being negotiated. As per Mark Lawrenson, the former player of team Liverpool, Manchester United needs a centre- forward for the team and they will go for yet another big deal. Lecturer Wilson from Sheffield Hallam University thinks that £897m deal at the new BT Champions League will further help this League to cross the Transfer Spending figure of £965m of 2014-15. He also says that Financial Fair Play rules would keep the net spending of the teams low, for instance Manchester United’s last year’s single deal was £59.7 for Angel Di Maria against a total of £83m this summer. They could take Pedro and sell Di Maria but the deal would almost neutralize. Clubs have become fore responsible and this would benefit the game.


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