Proposed changes in 2017 IPL player retention policy

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Proposed changes in 2017 IPL player retention policy

The cricketing fever is on its high since the Indian Premier League has been introduced in India. People tend to get more attached to cricket, the excitement and the zeal with which the people all over the country use to watch the sport has also increased. India can also be termed as the land of cricket, a 7 year child holding a plastic bat to an aged man of 65 years who is probably counting his last days, have the same spirit and craze for the sport. Indian premier league have given the people of India a new outlook on the game of cricket. Previously the matches use to be of 5 days but slowly by the passing time the days reduced to 1 and the limit of 90 over per day reduced to 50 per innings. But things have drastically changed in IPL; it has turned out to be the era of fast moving cricket. T20 cricket is the new form of cricket which is testing the power, aggressiveness and patience of every player at extreme levels.

Retention policy and the changes in it

On the introduction of Indian Premier League, every player in the country as well as the foreign players got the opportunity to earn money at a swift rate. The country was divided into certain teams which were owned by high profile people of the country. Each and every player got under the hammer and the bidding started. 5 star players of the country like M.S Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar got higher bidding then other players. Alongside the Indian players many foreign cricketers also came under hammer. All the teams wanted to get the best combination of squad.

But slowly as the seasons passed, the best among the 8 teams succeeded played glorious cricket and received maximum applause. The team’s owner whose teams were not performing well wanted the re-bidding of all the players. The players went under the hammer again besides some players who performed well for the team were retained by the owners. But in 2017 the retention policy bought a great change in it as the team can now only retain 2 home and 2 foreign players in the team which has brought a great blow to players like Suresh Raina as after so many years they might also go under hammer with other players.

Importance of this change in policy

This change in policy would help both the team’s owner and the players. First of all the players could get a new bid this time and might be possible that this time they get a better bid than previous years. If we look on the owner’s side we will surely see that they have the chance to buy the best cards and give their team a stable configuration and a strong chance in winning the championship.

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