Richard feels that Virat Kohli is the future of Indian Cricket

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Richard feels that Virat Kohli is the future of Indian Cricket

virat kholi

Sir Vivian Richards, who is one of the greatest players of the cricket, thinks that Kohli’s forceful and insistent mind-set should not be judged and criticised as it is his excellence that he acquires to counterpart the attitude.

He believes that it is nothing wrong in his attitude and he is a different captain than MS Dhoni. He feels that if he displays aggression and passion on the field, he simultaneously has that game quality which is equivalent to the match that he delivers. He likes him because he has that capability to give a good fight.  When he was asked about the captain’s low performance in England and the recent sag in ODIs, he released the concept of any kind of mal performance in his batting order.

He feels that he is way too young and there is much more that has to be seen from him. He looks like a young man to him who wants to enhance his performance. He accepts the fact that if one plays international cricket on a longer run; he has to go through certain problems and downfalls in the game. Being a young player, one needs an encouraging approach and obstinacy in his performance, he thinks.

The veteran player is also agreeable to assist the Indian sensation if BCCI approaches him. He will feel delighted to lend a helping hand if asked. He feels that he has a pool of knowledge and information that can be utilised by the young players. He is connected with the Caribbean Premier League and he considers that players must uphold the conventional form of cricket and they must take the game critically.

Test cricket is the decisive examination for every player and the board must ensure that its condition should never get into any kind of hitch. He would really want the cricket board of West Indies to ensure that the players are available to play test cricket and they should also be allowed to play T20 leagues because it acts as a stage to recover the interest in Test Cricket.

He thinks that the young player needs proper exposure and opportunity to give their best in the cricket and for the overall development of his career. CPL provides them enough opportunity which is required to improve the quality of their game and performance. If a player interacts and competes with the greatest players of the world, he will get ready in his career to play against many bigger battles and challenges.


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