Rugby World Cup 2015 fixture

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Rugby World Cup 2015 fixture

Rugby World Cup 2015 fixture

Rugby World Cup 2015 Complete Schedule fixture

The stage is set for Rugby World Cup 2015. England is all set to host the eighth Rugby World Cup 2015. The schedule for each of the team is created is such a way that fans will get the chance to watch non-stop live action of rugby matches played between their favouraite team. It would be fitting for every team as well because this way teams will get proper rest and would be ready to play the next match with full strength. The schedule for RWC is designed in such a way that it will be easier for fans to follow their team’s schedule and book tickets in advance.

RWC 2015 Pools

Rugby World Cup 2015 would be long 44 day event to be played between various Rugby playing nations from around the world. It would feature world class rugby teams like England, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, Canada, France, Italy, USA, Wales, Romania, Samoa, Fiji, Argentina, Tonga etc. All these teams are divided into four pools: Pool A, B, C, D. The schedule will feature all the fixtures played by the team on daily basis. It also gives you information about in which stadium matches would be played as well. Even the time of telecast as per local time is also given in the schedule. This way fans can stay updated about the matches and team standings. After the warm up matches, the first opening match will be played between Japan and South Africa at Brighton Community stadium.

The complete event is well planned and supporters from around the world are expecting to watch the matches with excitement. Many cricket lovers are looking to enjoy this match on TV but you can even get a chance to watch 2015 Rugby World Cup live at the venue by simply checking the schedule and booking your tickets. The RWC tickets are already available online with huge demand. Tickets for many matches are already booked and would be soon booked. Make sure that you keep checking online websites and partners of world cup event; you might get a chance to watch your favouraite match. Most of the tickets are available with different prizes with many options to purchase. Many association sponsors and clubs are also offering plans to watch the event live. So what are you waiting for, make sure that you book your tickets in advance for this wonderful event of Rugby World Cup 2015.

Rugby world cup 2015 fixtures printable

 Below is the complete schedule with exact time and venue. The time mentioned is local time. Opening match would be played between host nation England and Fiji on 18th September.

Friday 18 September

  • Opening Match Pool A: England v Fiji (8pm, Twickenham – all times BST, unless stated)

Saturday 19 September

  • Pool C: Tonga v Georgia (12pm, Gloucester)
  • Pool D: Ireland v Canada (2.30pm, Millennium Stadium)
  • Pool B: South Africa v Japan (4.45pm, Brighton)
  • Pool D: France v Italy (8pm, Twickenham)

Sunday 20 September

  • Pool B: Samoa v USA (12pm, Brighton)
  • Pool A: Wales v Uruguay (2.30pm, Millennium Stadium)
  • Pool C: New Zealand v Argentina (4.45pm, Wembley)

Wednesday 23 September

  • Pool B: Scotland v Japan (2.30pm, Gloucester)
  • Pool A: Australia v Fiji (4.45pm, Millennium Stadium)
  • Pool D: France v Romania (8pm, Olympic Stadium)

Thursday 24 September

  • Pool C: New Zealand v Namibia (8pm, Olympic Stadium)

Friday 25 September

  • Pool C: Argentina v Georgia (4.45pm, Gloucester)

Saturday 26 September

  • Pool D: Italy v Canada (2.30pm, Elland Road)
  • Pool B: South Africa v Samoa (4.45pm, Villa Park)
  • Pool A: England v Wales (8pm, Twickenham)

Sunday 27 September

  • Pool A: Australia v Uruguay (12pm, Villa Park)
  • Pool B: Scotland v United States (2.30pm, Elland Road)
  • Pool D: Ireland v Romania (4.45pm, Wembley)

Tuesday 29 September

  • Pool C: Tonga v Namibia (4.45pm, Exeter)

Thursday 1 October

  • Pool A: Wales v Fiji (4.45pm, Millennium Stadium)
  • Pool D: France v Canada (8pm, Milton Keynes)

Friday 2 October

  • Pool C: New Zealand v Georgia (8pm, Millennium Stadium)

Saturday 3 October

  • Pool B: Samoa v Japan (2.30pm, Milton Keynes)
  • Pool B: South Africa v Scotland (4.45pm, St James’ Park)
  • Pool A: England v Australia (8pm, Twickenham)

Sunday 4 October

  • Pool C: Argentina v Tonga (2.30pm, Leicester)
  • Pool D: Ireland v Italy (4.45pm, Olympic Stadium)

Tuesday 6 October

  • Pool D: Canada v Romania (4.45pm, Leicester)
  • Pool A: Uruguay v Fiji (8pm, Milton Keynes)

Wednesday 7 October

  • Pool B: South Africa v United States (4.45pm, Olympic Stadium)
  • Pool C: Namibia v Georgia (8pm, Exeter)

Friday 9 October

  • Pool C: New Zealand v Tonga (8pm, St James’ Park)

Saturday 10 October

  • Pool B: Samoa v Scotland (2.30pm, St James’ Park)
  • Pool A: Australia v Wales (4.45pm, Twickenham)
  • Pool A: England v Uruguay (8pm, City of Manchester Stadium)

Sunday 11 October

  • Pool C: Argentina v Namibia (12pm, Leicester)
  • Pool D: Italy v Romania (2.30pm, Exeter)
  • Pool D: France v Ireland (4.45pm, Millennium Stadium)
  • Pool B: United States v Japan (8pm, Gloucester)


Saturday 17 October

  • Winner B v Runner-up A (4pm, Twickenham)
  • Winner C v Runner-up D (8pm, Millennium Stadium)

Sunday 18 October

  • Winner D v Runner-up C (1pm, Millennium Stadium)
  • Winner A v Runner-up B (4pm, Twickenham)


Saturday 24 October

  • Winner QF1 v Winner QF2 (4pm, Twickenham)

Sunday 25 October

  • Winner QF3 v Winner QF4 (4pm GMT, Twickenham)

Friday 30 October

  • Third Play play-off(8pm GMT, Olympic Stadium)


Saturday 31 October (4pm GMT, Twickenham)

If you are a crazy Rugby fan, this Rugby World Cup 2015 schedule is meant just for you!! You can simply check from the schedule when your favouraite team is playing and book your tickets to watch match live either at the venue or on TV sets. This year Ruby world cup would be filled with lots of action, excitement and emotion. It would be so exciting to see teams from all around the world competing with each other. If you are a die-hard Rugby fans, then book the dates in the calendar by simply checking the above schedule. This way you will never miss even a single match.

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