Sachin Tendulkar receives royal treatment in Hyderabad

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Sachin Tendulkar receives royal treatment in Hyderabad

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar was recently on a private visit to Hyderabad with his family. He spoke about Srilankan pacer Lasith Malinga  and also called him as a true champion in the fields. Sachin Tendulkar is in all praises for speedster Lasith Malinga saying that it was simply a wonderful experience to play with him in the Indian Premier League. Tendulkar had visited the Falaknuma palace in Hyderabad.

He said that Malinga is a world class player who has a different kind of skill that is unique from any other bowler that Tendulkar has seen. He also said that no other bowler could compete with this Srilankan bowler in style and spirit. He has played with a number of players in the international level as well but this bowler seems to be simply out of the world.

Tendulkar also described him as a gentleman who played very well and Tendulkar was happy to play with him for Mumbai Indians. Tendulkar also expressed his desire to play with his team in Hyderabad and also enjoy the mouth watering sumptuous Biriyani that he city is famous for.

He also had a great visit in the Falaknuma palace in the city for two days along with his family. Though he has heard a lot about the palace from his friends, he did not have a chance to visit the palace before. He fulfilled his desire to stay in the palace this time and he enjoyed every moment of his stay in the private visit. He also appreciated the design and the brain behind the creativity in Falaknuma Palace.

“I kept hearing a lot of things about Falaknuma from my friends. I wanted to have that royal experience. So, with my family, I had come there quietly for a couple of days. I spent two days at Falaknuma Palace. It was an enriching experience. To build a palace like that, it must have taken so much time. That imagination, that vision to have something as spectacular as that. It is something that stays with you forever. That experience has been special,” Tendulkar said.

When he was asked by the reporters about the incident where he missed the bus, he smiled jokingly, saying that missing the bus was just a joke that the reporters had missed as well.

“I had to re-post that I didn’t miss the bus, but you guys definitely missed the joke.”


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