Scotland Vs Japan Rugby World Cup 2015 Predictions Who Will Win 23 Sep 2015

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Scotland Vs Japan Rugby World Cup 2015 Predictions Who Will Win 23 Sep 2015

Scotland Vs Japan Rugby World Cup 2015 Predictions Who Will Win 23 Sep 2015

Scotland Vs Japan

If you are a lover of different types of sporting events organized in various parts of the globe, you will have a good idea about the multiple sports played at national and international levels. Some people like to watch cricket, some prefer soccer or football, some like to watch rugby and some prefer to watch chess or billiards. However, it is good for you to know that not all types of sports have a competition held at international levels between different countries. Those which do, usually include cricket, football and rugby.

The Rugby World Cup, which is followed by a large section of the people in various countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, France, South Africa, and Ireland, is contested amongst various rugby playing nations once every 4 years. This tournament is only between men’s rugby playing teams and played by the best international teams. The first of this tournament was held in the year 1987, which was hosted by both Australia and New Zealand. The ultimate winning team of the tournament is awarded with the William Webb Ellis Cup. Out of all the rugby playing nations, 3 teams have won it twice, which include South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

In the Rugby World cup 2015, one of the upcoming matches will be between Japan and Scotland. It will be held on the 23rd of this month at the Kingsholm Gloucester. The Scotland team is in a rather good form in this tournament and the Japanese team is also at the top of its confidence level. This match is sure going to be a thriller with both the teams preparing hard to overcome the opponent.


Coached by Vern Cotter and led by Greig Laidlaw, this team had to face an uphill task for the World Cup this year. The type of attitude the team has shown this year, experts believe that if Scotland wins this match, they will not be surprised. In the entire history of the Rugby World Cup, the Scottish team has failed to make it to the Quarter Finals just once. This was obviously 4 years back. Some of the big names in the team include Richie Gray, Matt Scott, Alasdair Strokosch, Willem Nel, and Tim Swinson.


On the other hand, the Japanese team is led by Michael Leitch and coached by Eddie Jones. This team has already registered a win in its first match of the tournament. This has sent a clear message out to the opponent’s dressing room. However, if history is to be believed, the Japanese team has won the Rugby World Cup just once which was 24 years ago. Some of the big names in the Japanese squad include Shoji Ito, Hiroki Yuhara, Kensuke Hatakeyama, Shota Horie, Craig Wing, Yu Tamura, and Harumichi Tatekawa.

Scotland Vs Japan Predictions Who Will Win

Considering the past and present records of both the teams and also their strengths and weaknesses, it is more likely that the Sottish team will win the match as opposed to the Japanese team.

Although Japan was considered to be the under-dogs in the team’s first match against South Africa, they ultimately came out as the winner. They won the match 40-1 and this has surely made the Sottish team more wary of the Japanese team. Although the upbeat Japanese team may make the task for the Scottish team more difficult than anticipated, experts believe that it will finally be the Scottish who will emerge as the winner. It is also said that if Japan manages to overcome the Scottish team in their upcoming match, they can surely make a spot for themselves in the quarter finals.

Scotland vs Japan Head To Head

Scotland vs Japan Head To Head

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