Speculations about Dhoni IPL career

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Speculations about Dhoni IPL career

Speculations about Dhoni IPL career

Just like the helicopter shot of Dhoni and the blue jersey that he sports has become synonymous with him, similarly the Chennai super kings is also associated with him and has become a part of his cricket career. To think of dissociation between Mahendra Singh Dhoni and the Chennai super kings is almost next to impossible. There would be no whistle podu or blow the whistle without him in Tamil Nadu. It would be unimaginable to see Dhoni apart from his IPL team, the Chennai super kings.  His association with the team has been of almost eight years.

To think of Dhoni represent the Delhi daredevils or the MumbaiIndians, or the Kolkata knight riders is not an easy task. He has been so long associated with the Chennai super kings that it is not possible to see him heading any other IPL team. Throughout the country, either Dhoni has been seen coloured yellow or blue, representing his IPL team or his team India. The Chennai super kings have greatly achieved and benefitted from Dhoni and that too, more than any other franchise.

Talking about Tendulkar, what importance he held for team India, the same has been held by Dhoni in his IPL team, the Chennai super kings.  One important question that comes to our minds is that what may happen to Dhoni IPL career just in case the Chennai super kings don’t return.  There are speculations about Dhoni ever planning to leave Indian cements as well. Dhoni is a part of this company as its vice-president and this company also owns the super kings.

There is a point that all those who invest in Indian cricket, consider vehemently the emotional sentiments of the players and most of the times, the decisions solely revolve around them. A marketing entrepreneur commented that it solely depends on Dhoni as to what he is supposed to do after considering what others want him to do and therein lies his speciality.

It was only Tendulkar who could make sharp shifts. When he is doing commercials, he would never talk of cricket and when playing cricket, commercials should not be brought in.

And Dhoni is no less. He has been the key player who brought India the glory of World cup and the t20 success as well.  Dhoni considers Chennai his home .The question rises if he would fit into any other team and the answer is obvious-he won’t.

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