Sri Lanka bans alcohol for Pakistan ODI because of riot

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Sri Lanka bans alcohol for Pakistan ODI because of riot

Sri Lanka bans alcohol for Pakistan ODI because of riot


There is a change in the cricket rules in Sri Lanka. The authorities of Sri Lankan cricket board has recently banned the intake of any kind of alcohol drinks for Wednesdays fourth one day international that would be played between them and Pakistan .Thus decision was taken after the tremendous riot that took place at the venue on Sunday.

Sri Lanka has also strictly mentioned that any kind of in disciplined or unruly behaviour would not be accepted in the cricket grounds and would be dealt with very strictly as the match on Sunday led to a great deal of problems among the crowds. The Sri Lankan cricket board has also prohibited the entry of any kind of glass bottles, liquor bottles, food items, plastic and hooters in the ground. They have also said that if any spectator is seen to behave in a way which is not desired, they would be severely penalized.

“Any wild behaviour by any watcher will be harshly dealt with and may even be result in expulsion from the grounds,” the report added.

The riot on Sunday was a very bad one that led to injury of some people, damage of cars, as well as several passer byes. Though the problems were by large, the Pakistani players as well as the spectators did not lay the blame on the Sri Lankan cricket board. Instead they blamed a small group of spectators who were present in the fields and who were the cause of the initiation of the riot.

The Sri Lankan cricket board now feels that taking some preventive steps would definitely help to maintain peace and happiness in the cricket grounds. Apart from the new rules, CCTV cameras would be placed at regular intervals so that every spectator can be viewed if required. We wish the two teams all the very best for the new game

However, the functionaries decided to hold the 4th ODI at the same site in Colombo after the agencies detained 4 people and intensified defence in the region.

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