Tong Vs Namibia Rugby World Cup 2015 Predictions Preview tips Who Will Win 29th Sep 2015

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Tong Vs Namibia Rugby World Cup 2015 Predictions Preview tips Who Will Win 29th Sep 2015

Tonga vs Namibia

There are multiple sporting events being played in different parts of the globe each year. Some include cricket, football, rugby, baseball, and other similar sports. There are various people who have special preferences of their own when it comes to watching sports. Some like to watch rugby, some prefer to watch cricket, whereas, some like to watch football. In this case, rugby is one of the most popular sports all over the world. Numerous countries play this game and some of them also participate in the Rugby World Cup which is organized once in 4 years. This year the World Cup has already started and is being played in England. It started from the 18th of September to the 31st of October. There are 20 teams in total, which are participating in this year’s World Cup.

One of the upcoming matches in this year’s Rugby World Cup is going to be between Tonga and Namibia. Both the teams are quite popular in the game of rugby and have their share of fan followings in different parts of the globe.



This is one of the popular rugby teams in this year’s Rugby World Cup. Till date, the team has played just a single match in this World Cup against Georgia and has failed to register a win. Some of the players in the team include Halani Aulika, Opeti Fonua, Nili Latu, Samisoni Fisilau, David Halaifonua, and Latiume Fosita.


On the other hand, Namibia is the other team which is scheduled to play against Tonga in its upcoming match. Just like Tonga, the Namibians have also played a single match till date in this tournament and has failed to register a win yet. The game was against the mighty New Zealanders. Some of the players in the Namibian side include Renaldo Bothma, Jacques Burger, Johan Coetzee, Rohan Kitshoff, Darryl De La Harpe, and Russel Van Wyk.

Latest News

It is said that team Tonga is very keen to register their first win in the tournament against the Namibians. They will be changing their tactics in order to deal with Namibia in a different manner. Tonga has said that they have to forget the last game and simply move on. The tournament is not that long to give them time to review each game in details. On the other hand, it is said that the Namibians will use the same attack they applied against the New Zealanders.

Tong Vs Namibia Probable Changes in the Teams

It said that both the teams, Tonga and Namibia, will be making changes to their sides which will meet each other in their forthcoming match. Namibian coach, Phil Davies, will be making 8 changes to the said which lost so badly against New Zealand. It is also said that Jacques Burger will be leading the Namibian team and this will be his 10th appearance in the World Cup. Tonga will be making 9 changes to the side which lost against Georgia. It will miss its captain, Nili Latu, due to an injury in the last game. The Tongan side will see Siale Piutau and Viliami Ma’afu as co-captains.

All the matches in the Rugby World Cup will be aired live on various sports channels in different parts of the globe. If you are not able to make it to the stadium, you can certainly watch the matches live on television. Even if you are too busy for that, you can certainly get live updates on websites or your phone. Due to the advanced technology, you can definitely not miss a single match in this Rugby World Cup tournament this year.

Tong Vs Namibia Head To Head

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