Tournament in Chile bought out five South American stars

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Tournament in Chile bought out five South American stars

Tournament in Chile bought out five South American stars

The tournament in Copa America closed this Sunday, wherein Chile was able to defeat Argentina in his home town. It was a big moment for the nation and supporters of the team. Chile has been through difficult and tense games, and during this all some of the players within the game managed to perform outstandingly. During this tournament, five players have managed to reset their profile and increase their value both in the eyes of viewers and team as a whole.

Charles Aranguiz

There as a drift in European club for the signature of Charles Aranguiz, but all of it seemed to have changed after their victory in Copa America. The man is quite happy with the interest of European clubs and he is happy to see him doing well in the matches.  Now, different clubs like Arsenal, Manchester, Bayer are interested in the man it seems it was some time back when he opted to leave Brazillian club and carve his own way towards the European leagues.

Derlis Gonzalez

It was a mix moment for Derlis, whose penalty kick bought victory over Brazil while there was news that his uncle died of heart attack while watching the penalty kick moment. The penalty kick however bought sadness to the man, but it cannot be denied that it was because of this penalty kick Brazil was defeated. It was because of this man, Paraguay was able to stole winning in his name and get back to their nation with pride.

Christian Cueva

Cueva took a dominant place in the Copa America matches, wherein because of him Peru got a chance to stand third in the tournament. Four goals in the tournament captured almost all the attention in the tournament, and it was these moments which helped the player improve his profile in the matches and in the tournament as a whole.

Lucas Biglia

The midfielder in the game is one of the most precious gems of the team. Copa America games have bought forward some of the most effective moves of the player owing to which some big European clubs are approaching him. Real Madrid and Manchester are quite interested to take up the man. Lucas was on the right side field of Argentina and in all the games it was evident that he was one of the most efficient players in the game with amazing attacking talent. It has been a decade since man was a part of football, and it was because of him Anderlecht and Lazio got a chance to be in the Champions league.

Jesus Corona

No victories have been booked in his name; however two points in Copa America have bought in fame to the man. Corona is expected to play in both the tournaments which are expected to be held this summer. It was great for Corona, wherein he operated behind or in front and got a chance to show his capability.

These players have benefited a lot in the Copa America tournament and have built up their names and fame in the world of football.

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